Revalue Group LLC located in Atlanta ga provides legal services to negotiate and recover tax surplus funds due to foreclosure and tax deed sales. You have a legal right to surplus funds generated by the sale of your property. Mortgage Companies, Banks and other lien holders may attempt to recover the surplus funds. We want to prevent this and recover your funds before the banks and government does.

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Jonathan & Shantell Graham

Thanks to years of entrepreneurial experience and interpersonal skills, Jonathan & Shantell Graham possess great relations with both company clients and potential customers. Customer focused and honest surplus funds recovery agents. Intelligent, ambitious, energetic and proactive perfectionist.

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Karen Dawson


A big thank you for sharing your beautiful family has thoroughly enjoyed their Thanksgiving holiday.

Mary Payson


After the horrible winter we have been experiencing up north. We promise to treat sandcastle as we would our own home.

Max Turner


One of those rare places where the photos do not do justice to the reality – they do not capture the cool hush of the interior.

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